Why You Had Better Keep Your Engine Clean?

Whether you buy a used or new means from dealer, you should also know how a clean engine compartment looks. It is not simple like when you clean a normal car with the best car wash soap, this project requires your knowledge. In this article, I just mention why you should keep your engine clean? and how to make it shine, on the next one, I will show you how to clean it.

Why should you keep your car clean ?

You can consider those tips & thoughts to clean your engine, whether you are a seasoned DIY, however, you think it isn’t important or don’t clean it just as you are afraid of damaging something. Its black hoses glisten, metal gleams even you are able to touch any surfaces without coming away covered in oil, grease and dirt.

On the contrary, most of drivers know that it does not stay that way long because things have nasty below a hurry – Actually, they are reminded to do a few work or check a disturbing new smell, vibration or noise when popped of hood for checking fluids. Although users clean their exteriors and interiors of means, it tends to miss engine compartment so that’s a big opportunity to allow grime & grit for accumulating over miles & years.

Why should you do it?

Obviously, it is great to see a clean engine but that is merely one of reasons to tack this work. Below are a few reasons you ought to think about to clean your engine as well as its engine compartment:

  • It is very easy to get potential troubles before they become the big  problems. Thus, in the event of your filthy engine, you won’t know whether there are any small fluid leaks forever or it has just appeared. To spot easily the problems such as cracks and leaks, you have to clean your engine.
  • Accumulation of debris & road salt may lead to corrosion
  • If you don’t want to shorten your engine’s life, get rid of debris which are able to cause hot spots for forming on your engine as well as other components.
  • Prevent combustible materials’ buildup: oil, leaves which are fire hazards in your garage & on the road.
  • It is more enjoyable to look at & work with a clean engine
  • A high resale value is created from a means with clean engine as well as its clean compartment.

keep car shine

Make it shine

In fact, you will have a wide range of different answers, if you ask many different DIYers tips for cleaning the engine. Though this is not a rocket science issue, it is not also something you can do immediately without having any relate knowledge. In the past, the popular way to clean engine was to steam clean because it is easy and not expensive to finish your project. Over years, steam cleaning engine is not longer the best method due to the sensitive electronics in its compartment. The good new is that now there is an ideal alternative – engine cleaner.

First of all, browse a variety of engine degreasing & cleaning products in built. Namely, they are aerosol cans, spray bottles, gel foam, solvent-based and water-based. It’s better for you to use solvent-based cleaner to cut through grime & grease in place of utilizing water-based cleaners that take less your effort & time as well as elbow grease while scrubbing away stubborn dirt. Meanwhile, others enjoy gel-based engine cleaner as they love how they stick to the vertical surface which gives scrubbing action of cleaner more time for working.

clean your car

Besides selecting a cleaner or degreaser, you ought to also opt for a few absorbent pads & a drip pan. The reason is that there are much oil & other chemicals rolling off the engine when cleaning so the hazardous cocktail had better not go onto your driveway, seep throughout the ground or into a stormwater. Conversely, you should use pads for capturing dirty fluids then drip pan allowing these pads to sit under the sun till water in the pads evaporates. After that, you can look for any local recycling center accepting your drip tray with oily water and used pads.

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